Training and testing SGE Heat Pump Course I

Training and testing SGE Heat Pump Course I

We are add the knowlage about :

1.Basic how to know unit of heat pump size by calculation .

2.Cold water and hot water start from sourse of customer and flow pass treatment to

tranfer pump flow to storage tank and how to seperate 2 loop galvity and booster pump supply water.

3.What tool for control return pump and booster pump for supply hot water and cold water.

4.Basic of SGE Heat Pump how to working and what is the mention ” Energy Saving ” HOW?

5.What is SGE Heat Pump Thailand Brand better , online , PM and ultramodern for…?

6.Design line pipe to connect HP to tank and pump .

7.Schedule PM SGE Heat Pump and how?

8.Urgent solve the problem with heat pump with Trouble shooting.

9.Option : online smart program to remote control be smartphone Launch idea .


Siam Green Engineer Co.,Ltd have attend training staff for the best leadership to energy saving market design.


This calculation design . How sige , unit type and energy saving training design.

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Our SGE House branch Phuket working .


Train how to use equipment snd safety in customer site which is the best important thinking.

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Heat Pump Training  Course I

It about of :

1.Why heat pump saving more other energy compare .

2.How heat pump run cycle system

3.How adjust temperature up or down control. : Action.

4.How solve some problem when heat pump alarm which SGE Heat Pump have index show in english solution.

5.How maintenance course about heat exchange , evaporator and online system.

6.Action staff of each of project try and test control .

7,Testing Course.

and this is all picture training heat pump .



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