SGE Heat Pump@Lawita Hotel Thailand Brand for export

Lawita Hotel install SGE Heat Pump for reduce CO2 and energy cost at Pattaya.

This project not over 90 guest room which if use electric heater must limit 4500 W per units x 90 room equal

405kW per hour but use SGE Heat Pump only 6kW x 2 equel 12kW per hour so we are design 12hour is 144kW only which

save much save as 261kW per day or equal 260kW x 3.9 baht per unit x 30 day  equal 30,420 Baht per month and 365,040 Baht

per year and pay back period is 2.7 year .

This Project use cold air flow to lift controller room. with 10 ton

Movement SGE Heat Pump to site .

Lift SGE Heat Pump to top of building with  2 units model 25.

Pressure storage tank 6000 Liter and PPR PN20 of Thai PPR hot water line.


VDO show detail installation SGE Heat Pump ” Leafs ” Thai brand.


Training Course I the base control and adjust SGE Heat Pump model 25

Close up to open Lawita Hotel Energy Saving Project .

SGE team setting and commissioning heat pump .

Adpprove and testing detail SGE Heat Pump

This project SGE design cool air out at top of model

This specification use electricity only 5.8 kW hour with 12A. with 380V/50Hz

Thanks for the owner Khun Chang and engineer consultant team for prove and

request  design for SGE Heat Pump team .


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