SGE Heat Pump Training Course I @KLUB HOTEL BANGKOK

SGE Heat Pump training course I at KLUB Hotel Bangkok Thailand with model 25kW x 2 units.


Why must training !

1.Know heat pump cycle to PM and service maintenance.

2.Solve by trouble shooting immediately when find the matter.

3.Can cut off hot water system .

4.Long life SGE Heat Pump .

5.Stop find the problem and know why it be.

Report checking SGE Heat Pump system.

Daily report must check heat pump running and record data 2 round per day by :

  1. Record water meter
  2. Record Electric meter and voltage if can do.
  3. High and Low pressure of R134a
  4. Bubble in sight glass
  5. The temperature of water inlet and hot water outlet
  6. Hot water return the temperature.
  7. Hot water at pressure storage tank
  8. Noise , vibration of equipment which mistake




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