SGE ECO Heat Pump Model for export

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SGE ECO Heat Pump we have model 10 , 25 , 35 , 65 which use cold air close up unit not over 3 M.



SGE ECO Heat Pump Model for export

Design by Thai Brand this product for world wild market

  • Small shape and new style ECO
  • Can move pass into elevator .
This product installation at Jada Hotel : Dannok , The Tide Phuket  is launch product at the end of 2016


How VDO running SGE ECO Heat Pump :

  • SGE ECO Heat Pump running.

  • System which connect PPR PN20 hot water pipe .

  • Hot water from Heat Pump flow to storage tank and supply.

  • Back up system .

  • Cold air leave in room to outside

  • Control monitor show temperature and adjust

  • Weight not over 130kW total equipment .

  • Use electric onliy 5.7kW per hour.

  • Output 25kW

  • Model design for easy to movement


SGE ECO heat pump design :

1.Reduce import heat pump from other country.
2.Make quality which electric control and equipment .
3.Can make hot water 57 – 60 C.
4.All equipment can find from Thailand .
5.Compressor be SCROLL Type
6.Option 220V and 380V/50Hz
7.RLA ( recovery rate ) 12A.
8.Water inlet 1″
9.Water outlet 1″

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  1. siamgreenengineer

    SGE ECO Heat Pump for not use cold air leave it or only 3 M.