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   On 2017 SGE Heat Pump and Me Team Launch ” Leafs ” SGE Heat Pump Thai brand which focus on Green innovation   design energy saving the project .  ” Leafs SGE Heat Pump ” 

Strategic partners :

  • 1.Thai brand to worldwide with the best quality product .
  • 2.Use LEAFs be heat pump brand .
  • 3.Focus design with energy saving for the owner project .
  • 4.Focus launch product and Siam Green Engineer announce to reduce CO2 and friendly with environmental .
  • 5.Business profit for generous , sufficient and charitableness knowledge science thinking.

The commitment of Siam Green Engineer Co.,Ltd. to reduce the excess energy for all.

SGE Heat Pump team make the business for GREEN environment and reduce CO2 with reduce energy cost product.

The product energy saving now Siam Green Engineer Co.,Ltd. have

1.SGE Heat Pump model 25, 35 , 50 , 65 , 90 , 120 and 190 kW. for standard and made to order heat pump

for many specification for factory hot and cold system.

This product install at Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa :more 600 room with SGE Heat Pump model 65 and 25kW.

This product install at Royal Cliff Beach 1,000 room service with SGE Heat Pump model 65kW and 25kW.

2.SGE ECO Heat Pump model 10kW , 18kW , 25kW, 35kW , 65kW , 80kW

The product SGE ECO heat pump install at site Jada : Dannok , The Tide : Phuket ,


3.SGE All in one heat pump model 3.6/350 L which in put only 0.98 kW/hr.

This product install at CREST RESORT AND POOL VILLAS Project Tri Thrang : Phuket 120 room

4.SGE Solar Flat Plate


5. Online energy saving program SGE Heat Pump design for Thailand 4.0 now and upgade to novo system

management smart.

New monitor controller digital control by Thai Engineer design .

up picture is our workmanship to share.

6.Pressure  –  Open System Storage Tank made to order design.


Which all or product is Thai brand produce and design start to export heat pump .

InterestingCall Call Center is 08 6660 3200 and Email : natvarasiamgreen@hotmail.com

All product trad mark ” Leafs ” SGE Heat Pump Thai Brand for export 


Concept :

1.How ever Siam Green Engineer Co.,Ltd. still set standard all equipment inside can find in Thailand
all items which is SGE concept local and in ASIAN will join with agency dealer in local country.
2.Energy saving concept product.
3.Green profit win win green and business.




Our SGE Heat Pump  product design in ” Leafs ” Thailand Brand :

1.General specification

Air to water heat pump hot water generator. Unit is included compressor , evaporation , condenser or heat exchange stainless steel 316 and Molybdenum

for option , blower , hot water circulating pump inside already and electrical online control panel , Refrigerant is environmental friendly liquid R134a .

Heat Pump function can produce constant 60 C hot water temperature relative with entering water temperature range between 25- 55 and high to 70 C

for option . The SGE Heat Pump have capability of production no less than 70 C . Unit is completely assembled and tested from factory SGE.


the unit have coefficient of performance C.O.P not leas than 4 at 30 Centigrade design for SGE Heat Pump by inlet air and water 30 centigrade

outlet be 60 Centigrade hot water ( include all electrical equipment )

3.Equipment specification

3.1 Compressor use ” COPELAND ” model Harmatic scroll type compressor , suitable for high temperature operation with environment friendly

liquid R134a and Danfoss for option. design.

3.2 Evaporator

Use blue fin copper tube evaporator  made from seamless inner grooved copper tube and poly coated corrugated aluminium fins coated

Fin material are pre – coated prior to fabrication by Hydrophilic PVA resin to enhance corrosion resistance and mechanically boned to plated seamless

copper tubing. and Copper fin tube evaporator for option :

3.3. Condenser

The brazed plate heat exchange consists of a plate package in stainless steel AIS 316 and copper brazing material . Refrigerant side

is tested at pressure 140 kPA and water side is tested at pressure 2735 kPA ( refrigerant tested 500 psig and water side tested 300 psig )

for standard : and option design : be

: Molybdenum

: Copper Nickel

: 254 SMO

: Titanium

3.4 Fan

The fan arrangement is draw – through design. Forward curve double inlet centrifugal fan with direct driven motor . Fan unit has been

approved by air movement and control association international fan motor is totally enclosed type IP55 , with seal and permanently

lubricated ball bearing . Motor is operated with 3 phase ( 380 V ) and 220 V electrical system and direct fan for option


3.5 Water pump

Water pump is end suction closed couple centrifugal pump . Water pump can be operated with water temperature up to 90 centigrade

and be able to delivery design rated flow against external static up to 7 m. with ” GRUNDFOS  ” Brand horizontal and vertical pump for option

3.6 Refrigerant equipment

Refrigerant equipment are included expansion valve ( adjustable super heat ) , filter , drier and sigh glass ” DANFOSS ” brand


3.7 Cabinet

SGE Heat Pump cabinet is entirely of 304 stainless steel . Cabinet have 5 access door and 7 access door for model 50kW up

for service all equipment.

Easily : Cabinet base and access panel thickness is 1.5mm. under evaporator coil have stainless steel drain pan for condensated water

Heat Pump is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation.


3.8 Insulation

EPDM close cell insulation . Excellent insulator with low thermal conductivity.


3.9 Control function

– SGE Heat Pump Micro controller for online by smartphone controlling constant 60 centigrade water temperature and allow

you to easily adjust hot water temperature as desire

– Pilot lamp show status of compressor , blower and hot water circulating pump.

– Operating hours counter , display accumulated total working hours of heat pump . Easily monitoring and planning for preventive maintenance..

– Timer function . Provide flexible adjustment operating period of heat pump as desire.

– 6 point temperature display inside heat pump. Provide good accuracy for heat pump performance monitoring and easily diagnosis heat

pump multi function .

– Remote control for easily operate heat pump from long distance such as control room ( Optioned )

– Record and display fault history.

– Controller reserve to communication system . RS485 Modbus RTU



– High / Low pressure cut –  off.                                         – Over current protection for compressor ,

– Water Temperature Overheat Safety Switch.                      Water pump and motor blower.

Limit water temperature which might harm to user.       – Time delay for compressor protection.

– Electrical Phases and Voltage Protection.                        – Compressor discharge temperature protection.

– Electronic oil level protection ( optional )




Siam Green Engineer Co.,Ltd. design and plus + for our customer the aim be

energy saving cost and PM online .


– Control constant 60 oC hot water temperature and allow to adjust

water temperature by engineer site to solve and set value base on

smartphone , can reset alarm , check low – high pressure for trend

when must maintenanSGE ce or service program.


– Show status the value of compressor , blower and hot water circulating

pump and alarm status.


– Operation hours counter and processor cost be kilowatt hour of

electricity or cubic hot water.


– Timer function, provide flexible adjust operating period for the best

benefit with efficiently heat pump.


– Display water inlet-outlet temperature , outdoor air temperature,

temperature hot water inside and refrigerant temperature.

Specification SGE Heat Pump All Series and made to order to export design under light of ” Leafs ” SGE Heat Pump




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