SGE Heat Pump”Leafs”Thailand Brand@Aiyara Palace

SGE Heat Pump install heat pump at AIYARA PALACE.

195 room reduce energy cost and CO2 at Pattaya Thailand .

Start move SGE Heat Pump Model 65 at down stair. move mobile crane.

SGE Heat Pump 2 units ” Leafs ” Thailand Brand

Crane lift SGE Heat Pump 65kW x 2 units at first lobby.

Moving with SGE team .

Install SGE Heat Pump at Aiyara sample VDO how to install and see line PPR piping PN20 inlet and outlet to SGE Heat Pump with

model 65

Now we are Training SGE Heat Pump Course I : The Basic Maintenance

Which will know to solve basic when find the problem so in text book and training will clear with

troublem shooting first and real action know and done it.

and we are move pressure storage tank to the top of building which use all of 195 room hot water at 60 celsius

Calculation : how to design hot water tank :

1.Must know all of room .

2.The temperature need in guest room.

3. Bath tap size which standard not over 300 Liter if bigger must add in calculation.

calculation will know how size and amount of unit pressure storage tank at site.

Calculation :  195 room x 160 Liter ( from 40 L. per person x 4 = 160 L per day ) =31,200 which equal 31 M3 and divide 2

which be 15,000 Liter or equal 15M3 so this project use  7,000 Liter x 2 units for this project.


Mr.Niran /Consultant  : checking system and testing before running system hot water SGE Heat Pump

We are moving SGE Heat Pump from side of hotel to Aiyara Palace site project so Big Thanks  for

the best mind.

SGE Team start to moving in base SGE Heat Pump .


Use rubber ray on base heat pump for protect reverberate.

AIYARA PALACE Engineer team with SGE Heat Pump training.

Try to monitor SGE Heat Pump ” The Skill Practice ”

The number one of math high score in testing .

Testing SGE question .

However Siam Green Engieer Co.,Ltd. start run heat pump model 65 flow hot water 60 C. to room service and orther

part by use Electricity only 15 x 2 = 30 kW per hour which this project idea use Electric Heater 6kW per unit x 195 room equal

1,170kW per hour

The main idea is  1.Reduce electric wire from electric heater.

2.Reduce cost of electricity lowest energy cost.

3.Reduce CO2

The approvment : for the green world in Thailand .


  1. siamgreenengineer

    SGE Heat Pump is system hot water for saving energy when compare with Electric Heater , Gasoline , LPG and Bucker Oil or other which it cheaper effeciency make hot water and SGE Heat Pump ” Leafs ” Thailand brand for export

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